Electives at Ballet Virginia

Ballet Virginia offers other genres of dance to enrich the foundation of classical ballet training. Training in an “elective” offers our dancers opportunities to build coordination, strength, artistry and musicality while exploring new ways of moving. Our Lower and Upper School training includes Modern and Character and there are additional electives available.

Electives can be a way for dancers to work on weaknesses, gain confidence and just have fun. Dancers who are not currently dancing at Ballet Virginia are welcome in all the classes listed below.

We offer the following electives:

Contemporary for levels 2, 3, 4 and 5

Using skills learned in classical ballet, this class encourages the dancer to explore their artistry and musicality.

Hip Hop/Tumbling for Ballet C through Level 4 or ages 8 to 12

Explore new ways to move while building strength and coordination. Hip Hop/Tumbling is an upbeat class that will keep your dancer active and working hard. The students will learn exciting hip hop combinations, find their rhythm and grow stronger in basic tumbling skills.

Musical Theater for ages 7 through 13

Dancers must also be actors and this class is sure to bring out and foster skills needed to be an expressive dancer. Dance steps and acting are combined with singing and monologues are memorized  Acting is a part of every role danced in ballet and this class will give the student the skills needed.

Tap 1

Musicality is vital for all dancers and tap dancing is a fun and interactive way to learn rhythm. Tap 1 focuses on beginning tap terminology, developing proper technique and creating music with your feet.

Tap 2

This class builds on Tap 1. Tap 2 focuses on music theory, clarity of taps, coordination and development of technique through intricate combinations. This class assumes good listening skills and maturity.

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