Financial Aid/Scholarships

Financial Aid:

In a typical year Ballet Virginia offers limited financial aid to students who are placed into Level 1 and above.  However, this year we are concentrating on helping our current Ballet Virginia families who are going through financial distress. Financial aid is determined separately from scholarships, and the names of aid recipients are not published.  Financial aid is determined on a rolling basis.  The number of students who receive aid depends on the number of applicants applying and their varying levels of documented financial need.  Aid is awarded on a sliding scale based on gender, attendance, desire and financial income.

All applicants should provide a completed application form, their most recent tax return and associated tax documents, school attendance record and a teacher recommendation form.

Men’s Scholarship Program:

Ballet Virginia offers a scholarship program for boys ages 10 to 18 by audition only.  This program requires taking a certain amount of classes per week, auditioning for all of Ballet Virginia’s productions, and taking summer session and workshop classes.

Please email for more information.