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In order to maintain discipline among our most experienced dancers who form the corps de ballet for all BV productions, the following expectations are set forth for all BVII Company members via a contract.

As a member of BVII, dancers agree to the following:

  1. Attendance at the Invitational in August is mandatory. If unable to fulfill this mandatory requirement, it is understood that the member’s position in the Company may be re-evaluated.
  2. Attendance at all classes and rehearsal as scheduled, throughout the academic year. In the event more than 3 classes or rehearsals are missed within a 2-month period, the member’s status with BVII is subject to re-evaluation. Classes missed due to a family emergency, death, chronic injury or illness will be considered on an individual basis. Both Directors must be notified of any absence. During summer intensive audition season, no more than one Saturday class or rehearsal can be missed.
  3. In the case of an injury, classes should be observed and if possible, do floor barre. If injured for more than one day of missed classes or rehearsal, members may be expected to attend a lower level class until able to fully execute all classes that

Company position and casting requires. This is to protect member’s body from any further injury or delay in rehabilitation.

  1. Company members are required to pay $200 Company dues and attend the RDA/SERBA Festival in the spring. High school seniors have a choice to attend but must inform the Directors of their decision on the first day of the summer intensive since pieces to be adjudicated will begin rehearsal. In the event a member chooses not to attend Festival, Company dues are still required to be paid. The dues paid will help cover RDA/SERBA membership fees, one new leotard, choreography fees for adjudication, and any master classes provided for the member during the academic year. Dues are to be paid on or before Monday, October 1 2018 for the 2018-2019 season. Involvement in Company fundraising for the Festival is required, even though the member may be a senior and not attending Festival.
  2. Maintaining appropriate weight in a healthy manner conducive to the classical ballet standard is expected.
  3. Adherence to the stated dress code is expected.
  4. Any concerns, questions, and frustrations regarding casting or other such issues will be addressed directly with the Directors, without initial parental involvement. This will help members learn how to communicate appropriately in the future with authority figures.
  5. Members are expected to be helpful and respectful to all dancers, volunteers, staff, and faculty. Members are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism in the theatre and when traveling with BVII. Members are expected to be positive role models for younger dancers and to represent Ballet Virginia proudly and with integrity.
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