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The Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant (Third revised edition) is an excellent ballet dictionary for dancers. Most of the terms used in ballet are French- derived. Dancers hear these terms from early on and may become “fluent” in French in this specific way, enjoying teaching their families about the new language of dance that they are learning. Providing a companion dictionary can further a dancer’s understanding of these terms. This dictionary also contains illustrations of positions and combinations. It can be purchased from BV for $10.

BV Library

Ballet Virginia maintains a reference library in its lobby, consisting of books on dance and dance magazines, for use by our students and families. There are numerous magazines dedicated to dance which offer additional reading for the curious dancer. Examples are Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and Dance Spirit, to name a few. These magazines often feature articles on today’s professional dancers in the various companies in which they perform, choreograph, and direct; articles on emerging artists; articles on dance nutrition and health; and, dance training opportunities. Some seasonal issues feature articles on continuing dance study in college or at conservatories.  Personal subscriptions are available for purchase using the inset cards in these magazines.  They can make appreciated gifts for your dancer for reading at their leisure and pinning inspirational images in their rooms!

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