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BVI is a proud member of the Southeast Regional Ballet Association (SERBA). SERBA is one of five regional organizations of Regional Dance America (RDA). SERBA and RDA promote the artistic development of dance companies throughout the United States, as well as define and maintain artistic standards of quality. Classical ballet is joined by more contemporary neoclassical and contemporary pieces to present an exciting representation of the current dance world.

SERBA member companies meet annually for four days of classes, lectures, seminars and social events. Classes are taught by some of the most acclaimed instructors from major companies across the country. Evening performances showcase member companies and demonstrate the growth they have achieved throughout the year. Every 5-7 years, RDA holds a national dance festival where all the regions come together for a week of classes and performances.

BVI’s membership in SERBA requires annual dues. The BVI Company is required to and Junior Company may travel to and participate in SERBA events.

History: In the summer of 1955, Dorothy Alexander, founder and artistic director of the Atlanta Civic Ballet (now the Atlanta Ballet), was lunching in New York City with Anatole Chujoy, the eminent dance critic, editor, and publisher of Dance News. Chujoy had recently attended a festival of regional dance companies in Canada and suggested to Alexander that something similar could and should take place in the United States. She returned to Atlanta and began contacting her southeastern colleagues. In 1956, the first regional ballet festival in the United States took place in Atlanta. The success of this festival led to the founding of the Southeastern Regional Ballet Association. Miss Dorothy’s vision eventually led to the establishment of the five regional associations (Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, Pacific and Mid-States), which now comprise Regional Dance America.