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Ballet Virginia International is proud to be a regional dance company in Hampton Roads. BVI brings both excellent and affordable dance training and performances to the area. In order to provide these opportunities to young artists, we must seek funding beyond tuition and ticket sales. As a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, BVI relies on its generous contributors for their financial support and its devoted volunteers for their countless hours of time and expertise.

How can I help BVI you ask? Below are listed the various ways an families or businesses can support and continue to grow BVI.


Performances require many caring hands and hearts to provide our dancers with the most positive experience possible while rehearsing and getting ready backstage. The Performance Coordinator will provide each family with a performance schedule and a volunteer form with identified needs. While it is understood that each family wishes to attend a performance that their dancer will be in, family assistance is always needed for the other performances when there are a series of them, such as during the annual Nutcracker performances and the spring story ballet performances.  Volunteers may offer to assist with sewing costumes and headpieces in the months leading up to a performance, either at home or in the studio. Volunteers may also offer to assist during rehearsals and performances backstage in any number of capacities, such as check-in/check-out, dressing rooms, and runners. With over 300 students currently enrolled in the academy, we have many dancers to look after and return safely to their families following each performance. Please consider how you can help when asked and don’t assume someone else is taking care of it.

Ballet Guild and Community Outreach

The Ballet Virginia International’s Ballet Guild is a group of dedicated parents, friends and family members of BVI dancers who want to be involved with the exciting growth of BVI. The Ballet Guild helps with community outreach, assists in the distribution of marketing materials, completes tasks and projects in and around the studio, as well as sets and props, and organizes and sells merchandise at BVI performances. Time commitment is as little or as much time as one is able to give. The group is not about meetings but instead about getting things done and having fun. If interested please contact Jennifer Kodolitsch at for more information.

Playbill Ad Sales/Sponsorships

With over 4,500 attendees for the BVI performance season, professionally designed playbills for these performances give local businesses an outstanding opportunity for exposure at reasonable rates. Businesses will also be listed as a Season Sponsor in our final production of the year, Concert Classique, and on our website, at no extra cost. Ad support also allows BVI to offer the youth of Hampton Roads the unparalleled experience of being a part of a dance organization committed to excellence in dance arts education. Local advertising support is a great investment in the continuation of this non-profit organization.

You can assist by being a BVI ambassador to a local business seeking their support for the arts and our academy year programs through purchasing a program ad. A personal touch always helps when soliciting support! Design for the Nutcracker playbill begins in August, and two to three months prior for the subsequent academy year performances.

Advertising packages are available on the BVI website and are posted in the lobby. Contact Lisa McCarty, BVI marketing director, for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Suzanne Lownsbury for general volunteer opportunity information or questions.


BVI is proud to own its own costumes and we continue to grow our wardrobe collection. Help with maintaining and adding details to our collection is always needed. Varying degrees of crafting and sewing skills are welcomed. Please contact Janina Bove for information and volunteer opportunities.

General Upkeep Building and Grounds

BVI is located in the lovely Ghent area of Norfolk, VA in a historical building. As always with a historical building, upkeep and general maintenance is needed on an ongoing basis. As a non-profit business, painting, changing light bulbs, fixing a ballet barre, repairing a toilet, or assisting with general clean-up is needed and appreciated. Please contact Janina Bove for more information and volunteer opportunities.

Sweet Shoppe

BVI organizes a once-a-week, on-going bake sale on Saturday mornings called “Sweet Shoppe”. The delicious items on sale are donated by dancers and parents from the

academy. The money raised is donated to the BVI Theatre Fund from September through December, and from January through June the money raised is donated to First Pointe Players. Please contact Amy Fedroff for more information and volunteer opportunities.

Prop and Set Project Help

When BVI performs we are always in need of making the props and sets stage ready before we leave the studio for the theatre. After the props and sets are theatre ready, we need to load them into large truck and transport them to and from the theatre during BVI performance weeks. BVI is grateful for help in all the areas mentioned above. Please contact Janina Bove for more information and volunteer opportunities.

Donate Goods/Services

From time to time BVI will have a request for goods and services. Past goods and service donations can be seen throughout our studio. While our barre, mirror, and floor supplies were purchased, they were all were installed by volunteers. The lobby tables and chairs were donated. Hair spray, bobby pins, and band aids are on hand for students and have been donated by parents. Some of our props and sets have been hand-made, painted, and donated by parents and families of our dancers. If you think you have goods or a service you would like to donate, please contact Janina Bove.

Financial Support

The continued success of BVI is greatly due to the generosity of our many contributors with their monetary and in-kind donations. So many BVI families and friends have generously and faithfully donated. We thank you all!

Corporate Sponsorships

Please contact Suzanne Lownsbury or Janina Bove to discuss how your company can help support Ballet Virginia International through a corporate sponsorship.

Friends of Ballet Virginia International

Please consider becoming a Friend of Ballet Virginia International with a contribution at the following levels:

  • 5th Position Contributors ($1,000+)
  • 4th  Position Contributors ($750+)
  • 3rd  Position Contributors ($500+)
  • 2nd  Position Contributors ($250+)
  • 1st Position Contributors ($50+)
  • Corporate Matching Gift Companies

All of our contributors are recognized in our performance playbills and contributions can be made anonymously if preferred. Donations are fully tax deductible.


This fund will provide long term financial strength that will enable BVI to continue through the inevitable downturns of the business cycle. You can help us achieve this stability by designating a gift for our Endowment. Please contact Suzanne Lownsbury or Janina Bove for more information regarding Endowment.