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Welcome to Ballet Virginia International (BVI)! We are so pleased that you have chosen BVI for your child’s or your dance education. We hope you find this handbook for students and families to be a helpful resource for reference over time when you have questions throughout the academy year and summer study. However, for the latest updates, always refer to the BVI website (, newsletter, and Facebook. Please know that we are available outside of classes to answer your questions and discuss your child’s progress via appointment request.

You have joined a family of over 300 dancers here at BVI. Parents and other family members are usually present at our studio and help out in various ways as our volunteer needs arise, particularly through the BVI Ballet Guild. In addition to the faculty, they are resources for you and their experience here with their own or their child’s dance education is an invaluable perspective. We appreciate their time and energy, together with our faculty and guest instructors, helping to create a learning environment at our academy that is nurturing for the students at each level of instruction.

The old adage “time flies when you’re having fun” comes to mind as we enter our 11th year at BVI and reflect on the many hours, day, months, and performances we have poured our energies into. Each year we are filled with pride at the successes that our graduating dancers have found as a result of their many years with us. From professional company positions to acceptances and scholarships awarded by prestigious colleges and universities, the work and dedication shown by our students to their dance training has paid off. Whether a dancer plans on becoming a professional or dances for exercise and recreation, the benefit of an arts education will carry them through life.

We thank all our parents, volunteers, sponsors, and contributors for their continued support and dedication to BVI.

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