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Summer at BVI

I always look forward to summer because it has become the best time of the year to focus on what I really love to do – teach dance!- . As much as I love Nutcracker, our spring ballet and the student performance, they take focus away from my first passion which is sharing the joy of dance through classical ballet.

Those performances are great for the faculty and, most importantly, the dancers but they require much of our time and energy. Summer allows us to”get back to our roots”. And, I love those roots!

There’s nothing better than being part of a good classical ballet class. I hope you take time to enjoy the slower pace of summer and the space that it allows to just really enjoy (or let your dancer enjoy) dance class purely for the sake of dance class. No worries about rehearsals, casting, homework waiting at home…just the present moment spent dancing. BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s the link for our summer classes and workshops if you’re interested.

Keep Dancing,

Lisa McCarty

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