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Hey ballet lovers! I’m starting this BV Blog so we can chat and share everything from dance tips and advice to behind the scenes happenings. What’s a day in the life of a ballerina really like? How do you prepare for auditions? How do you deal with injuries if you’re under contract? What’s the secret to high jumps and great turnout?

Ballet Virginia has come such a long way since its founding, and now we have a brand new, full-time, professional company joining our ranks! It’s exciting when you can talk to dancers from across the country about your experiences. There are so many new things to learn and wisdom to be gained by talking to people who have been through it all. That’s why we think it’s so great that our new company members will be teaching and mentoring our academy students.

In the Beginning

BV Blog Ballet VirginiaBut let’s rewind for a minute! Did you know that Janina and Suzanne started the Ballet Virginia academy back in 2008 with nothing more than a handful of students and a lot of ballet experience? They stepped out on their own after years of teaching at Virginia Ballet Theater and began building their dream studio. They had to jump from location to location until they found their first home.

They taught classes in the Virginia Opera House, a local gym, and even an Episcopal church! Finally, they were offered space in an old car dealership. With a lot of muscle and love, they worked side by side with the construction crew and renovated the space into a brand new ballet academy. They couldn’t have done it without their dedicated students and parents, and that’s part of what makes Ballet Virginia so special. Virginia Ballet is a community within a community, and as a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, BV shares the love of dance with everyone.

The New Company

After 11 years of teaching in Norfolk, Ballet Virginia opened its second academy location in Virginia Beach. And after 11 seasons of bringing The Nutcracker and Springtime story book ballets to the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, Ballet Virginia is getting ready to launch its very own professional company. Ten beautiful dancers will be joining this Hampton Roads artistic endeavor as full-time professional performers who will dance lead roles, teach classes at the academy, and mentor our aspiring students.

The 2019/2020 Season

Our 2019/2020 season is going to be exciting, beginning with our Halloween themed production Masquerade, continuing with our annual holiday production of The Nutcracker, and then a brand new contemporary Diversity in Dance performance, and ending with our annual springtime storybook ballet Sleeping Beauty. Academy students will be performing side-by-side with company members this season and it’s going to be great!

Have Questions?

BV Blog Ballet VirginiaAre there things you want to know about being a professional dancer? Do you need some advice about technique or performance? Comment below with your questions, and I’ll pass them along to one of our pros! Then I’ll write it all up in my next post! Happy dancing!

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