12 Dancing Princesses Image

With every ballet that we perform here at BVI, we must find a way to let the public know. The first thing is to come up with an image that will be used on every poster, banner, bookmark, ad, etc. We go through at least 500 photos from previous performances (thank you Thomas Gorman) to find the very best one. Then it’s off the designer evolv-design.com) to put all the information together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Back at BVI, copy is written, dates and other information are checked and double-checked. Then it’s off the printer, website, newspapers and more. 12-Dancing-image-for-homepage 12DP-xsmallimage

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Marketing director and Children's Program Director at Ballet Virginia International. Danced professionally in the U.S, Italy and Asia. Graduated magna cum laude from University of Nevada, Las Vegas B.S in Business Administration/Marketing.
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