From stage to print and beyond

This summer, I poured over thousand of photos (thank you Tom Gorman) looking for the photo to represent this season’s Nutcracker. There were several good choices but this one of “Clara”, Maya Markova Livni and “Nutcracker” Leo Ameika, seemed to capture a lot of what is so magical about “The Nutcracker”. You can see Maya’s natural acting abilities captured in the photo and Leo is one of those rare humans who actually looks good in white tights. We are very proud of both of these “home-grown” local dancers!  After selecting the photo, I sent it to Patrick McCarty at Evolv Design, who made it look polished and beautiful with all the information needed. We are lucky to have such a talented team of creative people.

So, here is BVI’s 10th Anniversay Nutcracker image. You can get tickets at the Sandler Box Office or by clicking HERE.


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Marketing director and Children's Program Director at Ballet Virginia International. Danced professionally in the U.S, Italy and Asia. Graduated magna cum laude from University of Nevada, Las Vegas B.S in Business Administration/Marketing.
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