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A Week of Dance

I’m looking forward to August. It’s the only time of year when we really get to fully immerse our students in dance. It’s the time when we get to serve them a 7-course meal instead of a regular dinner. We start with a good solid technique class no matter the age because that is the basis for a dancer.

Then, depending on the age, we go deeper. For the younger ones, it’s creative time by choosing a character, making a costume, choosing music, making sets, choreography and more . For the older ones, it’s pointe or pre-pointe class, modern class, jazz class, choreography of many genres, improv, dance history and more. At the end of the busy week, each group proudly performs what they have been working on all week.

Whatever the age, we make sure they are full to the brim with dance.

If you’re interested in one of BVI’s dance workshops, click here for more information.

~Ms. Lisa


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