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backstage ettiquette for parents

We are getting closer and I know everyone is excited about getting into the theater—Finally.  For those who have watched the train wreck programs about dance on TV such as Dance Moms and Abby’s ultimate dance competition, I want to assure you that we will have none of that.  Suzanne and I have been in this business for over 40 years, and directing productions for over 20 yrs.  There are reasons we have put our policies in place.  It is not only for a smooth running production, it is to make sure the dancers receive the education they need, the one you are paying for, and to keep the drama and chaos at an absolute minimum.   All of the dancers are excited and nervous and we are professionally superb at making sure they are ready and confident.  Performance jitters can be magnified when a parent is too involved in the last minute preparations, especially when rule breaking occurs.  The dancers know what we expect and allow, and do not need the added stress of worrying about our reactions. This is THEIR world, allow THEM to live it!

The best gift you can give your dancer is a hug and kiss at the stage door and flowers after their fabulous performance.  In the meantime, know we have it under control and you can sit and ENJOY watching your precious one do what they love and have worked so hard to achieve.

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