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Celebrating our Ballet Virginia 2021 Seniors

We are so proud of you all and have truly enjoyed watching you grow up! It’s been a year like no other but you all have danced through it with grace and positivity.


We asked all our graduating high school seniors what’s next for them and to share something special about their time at Ballet Virginia. Read on to get to know these impressive young people.


Amy Strickland


I’m going to ODU this fall and I’m planning on becoming a physical therapist.

Being at Ballet Virginia has helped me learn how to work and stay positive even when things are difficult or feel stagnant.






Charlotte Mann


I will be attending the College of William and Mary this fall to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.



Some of my favorite memories at Ballet Virginia are from performing in “The Nutcracker” as a ‘Party Girl’ and part of the ‘Marzipan Corps’, as well as having the opportunity to teach in the Children’s Program this past year.

Delia Allen


I am attending Virginia Tech for Fashion Merchandising and Design.




Some of my favorite memories at Ballet Virginia were the time we had a lock-in and slept over at the studio, when we went to SERBA for the weekend, and when I got to play the role Clara in the Nutcracker. As well as the countless rehearsal memories, dressing room memories, and forever friends.


Emily Kodolitsch



I will be attending the College of Charleston and majoring in Biology.

Some of my favorite memories at Ballet Virginia are when I was helping teach younger dancers. I have learned a lot from them and have been
given the opportunity to teach my own class.






Imani David


My future plans is becoming a professional dancer and also a fashion designer




My favorite memory at Ballet Virginia is when we learned my first variation ever LOL. It was Kitri!

Jazzmin Smeltzer


Jazzmin will be attending Lancaster Bible College in the fall. She will be majoring in Elementary Education.  She will be continuing her dancing at college.

Jazzmin learned to keep going no matter what.  One of her fond memories was the December 2020 piece they performed for a virtual audience from Ms. Julia’s class.




Kaylee Bejarano


I will be attending Clemson University next fall to study business

Something special about Ballet Virginia is how much of a second family it has become for me. Being there so often, I have been able to grow really close with the other dancers and make a lot of great friendships that I am so thankful for.




Leah Trimble

Next year I will be attending college at James Madison University. I’m majoring in kinesiology and hope to one day do physical therapy on dancers.

My favorite memory will always be getting to perform Gardenia in The Nutcracker. It was a role where I felt like I could truly let go and dance. I’ll never forget how free and happy I felt in those magical moments.


-Compiled by Lisa McCarty








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