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I am so very proud of the “Ninja Nine” dancers who were evaluated in Atlanta.  These beautiful dancers were simply magical on Saturday.  They represented BVI and the Performing Company with grace and passion.  The evaluation committee and other SERBA directors were very impressed with their training and artistry.  Suzanne and I are so excited and proud. (and tired!)

We are now Performing Company members of SERBA!  This is such an honor and incredible opportunity for every dancer that comes through the BVI Academy.  We will continue to educate the dancers and families on all of the intricacies involved with SERBA membership.  If you would like to learn more, look for SERBA and Regional Dance America on line.  You can also email me with any specific questions and I will try my best to answer them.  Simply put, this is a networking organization for BVI’ dancers, faculty and directors.  It will open doors to many aspects and careers in dance.

Congratulations ladies, and I can’t wait til we can show off the rest of our company dancers at Festival in Montgomery Alabama in May!

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