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Fall Placement classes

Hopefully, everyone on the BVI email list received a notice that the Fall placement classes are the next 2 weeks.  I  posted the same thing we sent out below.  PLEASE pay special attention to the note at the end.  We always have tears and requests for conferences after every placement change and audition.  Please help your dancer to learn coping skills and how to deal with disappointment.  Try to explain that we DO like them, and they are GOOD dancers.  Help them to challenge themselves by working harder, and not to feel badly.  In the event their friends  moved up and they didn’t, try to help them to be happy for them and remind them that soon they will have their own success.  They will have their turn to celebrate soon.

So much of what dance can give them such as these hard life lessons will help to prepare them for the tough times in life.  It is hard to see your child sad–we know this as parents ourselves—but in the end the strength they gain is so very worth the day of tears disappointment.

I can’t stress enough that Suzanne, Lisa, Lydia the other faculty and I decide placement and roles based on what we know of our students, what they show us and our extensive expertise and professional experience.  I hope our students and parents will continue to trust our judgement and know that our ultimate concern is for each and every one of our dancers.  We only want the best that we can provide for them, and the first step to that end is placing them where they need to be at this point of their development.



Class fee of $15.00

You have a choice of attending Friday August 16 or August 23


The placement class is for new student’s age 7 through 18


Present BVI students Levels 1 P/G through Level 4 only



Ballet Virginia International prides itself on placing dancers where they will best advance technically and artistically.   Remember not to compare yourself (your dancer) to other students.  Every dancer develops at a different rate.  This is a physical and mental process.  Coordination, mind/body connection and maturity play a key role in advancement.  No matter when or where they start, they will all end up in the same level eventually.  The joy and benefits are in the process.

Enjoy the movement, and have fun dancing!


Directors and Faculty

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