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Janinas 2nd post

Perhaps it is unfortunate that I am starting the Nutcracker audition countdown…

PLEASE, everyone–dancers and parents alike need to take a deep breath and remember what is most important at BVI.  It is the training which is obviously very excellent given our reputation and the record for professional dancers we produce along with the summer acceptances and scholarships awarded.

Dancers all want the best roles and to feel “special”  In our eyes, they are all special.  Just as parents know their child is wonderful, we do too!  With that, we do not know until the audition who will be given which role.  Casting is always subject to change.  Everyone wants to be Clara, only 2 can be.  I personally was never Clara.  I survived and had a wonderful career.  This business is a constant struggle for strength, advancement and recognition.  There is competition all the way through.  We expect our dancers to have a friendly and supportive competitive spirit.

I believe that the best part of this process is the development of coping skills.  In our trophy centered society, what we hope for our dancers is to know that the ultimate goal is the joy of dancing.  It doesn’t matter which role.  Please help your dancer to know that no matter what, they are the most special and beautiful dancer you will ever know.  Their accomplishments are their own and they are amazing.

I remember when I was a guardian to a dancer, I realized that she could not come home and complain about any of her dance day because her mom was in California.  I realized then how important it was for a dancer to have the freedom to come home, cry, complain or celebrate freely to their mom or dad.  LET THEM!  It is healthy!  That doesn’t mean there is a major issue to come to us about.  Let it ride, help them to cope and keep perspective.  If it truly becomes damaging, we will see it and we will know.  We find out everything.  We also ask that you encourage the dancers to come to us and talk it out.  We are always happy to talk to our dancers.  We understand because we have been through it all.

In the event a parent needs our advice, we are willing to set up a meeting.  Text and emails are not appropriate for something so personal and can be misread or misconstrued.

Ultimately, this is only Ballet, but the life lessons will carry them all through for the rest of their lives.

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