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Rolling along…

I am very happy with how much we have accomplished in just 2 weeks!  The PC girls are doing such a great job.  It seems they get faster, smarter and better each year, but I imagine that is due to this being BVI’s 6th yr.  It is a true testament to good early training.  The dancers who have been with us from the earliest years of their training have the port de bras (arms), body placement and technical knowledge it takes to be versatile in any choreography.  Even our younger ones understand how to keep a line, stage directions and that missing even one rehearsal can set them back quite a way.

I believe the best part of our productions for the students is the amount they are on stage actually doing steps.  They are also involved with the professional dancers we bring in to fill out the more difficult roles which gives them a great insight into where they are aspiring to be as well as how to get there.  With as much work as these productions take year after year, it’s really funny to see our strongest dancers rehearsing mice,  gingersnaps,  party girls and dew drops when the music comes on.  We are always surprised and ask “did you do that role?”  They smile and say “yes I did!”  Suddenly we remember these beautiful young women as adorable little girls.

And then we feel really old…


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