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Workshop 1

It has already been a busy week and it’s only Tuesday!  This weeks dancers are doing a great job in their classes and rehearsals.  Our first acting class yesterday proved to be entertaining when our dancers became animated and very creative.  We are teaching a dance history class today so that our dancers become familiar with the rich background and tradition that is classical ballet.  We will also introduce them to the Hollywood Musical and stars such as Fred and Ginger, Danny Kaye, and Gene Kelly.

I hope that parents remember to show their dancers these old films.  They are such an important part of their art form, and we often use their example for artistry in rehearsals.  Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, On the Town, American in Paris are a few of my favorites.  They may seem a bit sappy and old fashioned for some of our dancers, but I know that they would enjoy the dancing scenes!

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