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Workshop 2

Our days at BVI are not usually 9-5, and the second week of workshops show that most dancers are not quite ready for that 1st Plie of the day either!  It’s very funny, but we get it together quickly.

Last weeks group did an amazing job all week.  We were very proud of their performance, and the pride and joy also showed on their own faces.  I am always surprised how much we are able to do in a short time and how much the dancers grow.

We have another large number of dancers and our returning Performing Company ballerinas are dropping in for technique and Pointe in the morning.  These are busy and crowded days at BVI.  The Theatrical Workshop is happening at the same time as Workshop 2, and the faculty are bouncing back and forth between the 2 throughout the day.  The dancers are having fun and working hard while catching up on their summer experiences.

Never a dull moment in Ballet Land…

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