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Putting a Spotlight on Ballet Virginia’s Beach Location

At the beginning of the 2019/2020 season, Ballet Virginia made two exciting changes. They formed a professional company made up of talented dancers from across the country AND they opened up a second academy location, this time in Virginia Beach.

While most people know about the company dancers because they teach classes for almost all levels of the school, still not everyone knows about Ballet Virginia’s second location. So for everyone who hasn’t had the chance to check out this gorgeous facility yet, this post is for you!


Where is it located?

The address is 4314 Virginia Beach Boulevard. It’s right down the street from Pembroke Mall and the Virginia Beach Town Center!


What is around there?

Besides Pembroke Mall and Town Center, there are a lot things to keep you busy while your dancer is in class. Get your grocery shopping done at the nearby Food Lion, Walmart Supercenter, Fresh Market, or Target. Or, if you’d prefer to sit down to grab a quick bite to eat, there are countless options to choose from whether you’re feeling like sushi, Chinese, BBQ, Thai, American, Italian, crepes, sandwiches, Mexican, or pizza- all are within a mile! And with so many other necessities nearby like banks, the UPS, gyms, and lots of other shops, there likely isn’t an errand you couldn’t run if you needed to.



How many studios are there?

There are two spacious, sprung studios complete with sprung Marley surfaced floors.


What classes are taught there?

All of our Children’s program’s classes, adult classes, and most of the lower school levels are offered at our second location.

A variety of electives are taught there as well, including contemporary and tap. And, musical theatre is offered exclusively offered at the Virginia Beach studio.


Who teaches the classes?

Many of the same teachers you already and know and love from the Norfolk location teach in Virginia Beach as well. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the same high caliber instructors to our students at both studios.


Ready to hear more? We asked some of our faculty that teach at our Beach studios what they like about the new location.

Ms. Lisa, Children’s Program director and teacher, says:

“I love the freshness of the new studios. The sprung floors have a nice give to them and the rooms are airy and spacious. But more than the building, I love the excitement of sharing my love of ballet with a whole new set of students. Through the years, Ballet Virginia has developed a wonderful Children’s Program as well as an Adult Program and I’ve been fortunate to have been a big part of both. Sharing what we’ve developed with the Virginia Beach community brings me so much personal joy and professional pride. Plus, it’s always exciting to be part of something new and positive in the community.”


Ms. Hannah teaches at both locations but knows the Virginia Beach studio has something special. She says:

“Teaching three days a week at Ballet Virginia’s beach location has been so fun. I enjoy seeing, getting to know, and teaching the students who train there – a whole new group of fresh faces!

One of my favorite things about opening up this second location is knowing how it has made ballet more accessible to young students in the city of Virginia Beach. Most of the beach classes I teach are younger students so I enjoy getting to be around their excited and eager energy. I love sharing my knowledge of ballet and getting little ones on the track of learning and loving movement.”


Ms. Leah, a teacher and company dancer writes:

“I love teaching at the beach studio not only because we have the luxury of working with the same staff as our Norfolk location, but also because the studios are new. Each studio is exceptionally spacious for our dancers to really utilize their traveling skills. We are also very fortunate to have our sprung floors. This special floor allows the dancers to practice their jumping skills without the hard impact of a typical floor.”


Ms. Rebecca, a Virginia Beach native and company dancer, writes:

“Ballet Virginia is one incredibly special place here in Hampton Roads. And how lucky are we that after years of being located in Norfolk, we have another beautiful location where Virginia Beach dwellers like myself have the opportunity to travel not as far for the same experience. With two spacious studios and exceptional training from our company dancers and other faculty, this is the perfect place for anyone to dip their toes into the world of dance”


There’s so much to love about our beautiful Virginia Beach studio, and we want you to be able to see and experience it for yourself!


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Blog post and photographs by Hayley-Ann Vasco

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